Karrigan's Broadway (VG 86)

SS: King's-Ransom WRAC Viking

SD: Amy's Pride ADV Signy

Sire: Amy's Pride Viking Signet

Dam: Karrigan's Yea Sayer (EX 90)

DS: Willabelle-Acres Rastus (VG 89)

DD: Karrigan's Whiskey Gen *M (VG 85)

Photo: Karrigan's Broadway (3 years of age)

Photo: Broadway's Dam - Karrigan's Yea Sayer (photo courtesy of Star Fire Farms)

2017 Milk Test:

7.80 kgs milk, 3.19 Butterfat, 55 days fresh, age 6-1

LittleCreekHill PGMM Hayward (EX 92)

SS: Pleasant-Grove Super Standout

SD: Pleasant-Grove Super Mink

Sire: Pleasant-Grove Mink Maestro

Dam: Little Creek Hill Sweet Pea

DS: Qu'Appelle X-Port Patent Right

DD: Trilyte Rebecca

Photo: LittleCreekHill PGMM Hayward (2 years of age)

Silversteeg Rapid Roy (VG 89)

SS: Pleasant-Grove Mink Maestro

SD: Little Creek Hill Sweet Pea

Sire: LittleCreekHill PGMM Hayward (EX 92)

Dam: Trilyte Brown Betty (VG 88)

DS: YBNVS Zensational Everett

DD: Trilyte Will-O-The-Wisp *M (VG88)

DOB: May 3, 2015

Photo: Roy's Dam - Trilyte Brown Betty

Gingerbread Robinson Crusoe

SS: Angel-Prairie Brutus Realthing

SD: Windrush Farms Blizz Mischief

Sire: Windrush Farms APBR Hendrik (VG 88)

Dam: Gingerbread K Robin *M (VG 89)

DS: Windrush Farms PVQR Sampson (EX 92)

DD: Gingerbread Kaylee (EX 94)

DOB: March 11, 2017

Photo: Gingerbread Robinson Crusoe (one year of age)

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