Welcome to Silversteeg Alpines! We are a small herd focused on breeding and selling quality purebred Alpine dairy goats. Our herd is CAE negative and CL free.

Silversteeg Alpines is located in Heatherton, Nova Scotia and is part of Black Avon Farms Ltd. This business is a dairy farm owned by Tony and Erica Versteeg and family.

In 2017 we classified our herd and look forward to classifying again in 2018. We will also be participating in our first CGS one-day milk test!

Don't forget to visit our site again soon as I will be posting 2018 kids as they arrive as well as classification and milk test results!

                      One of our herd's matriarchs: Karrigan's Ever Bright

Some of our does: Snowflake, Betty, Rose and Bright at the Highland Classic Goat Show in Antigonish Nova Scotia.

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